If you are looking for a replacement phone for your old BT home or office phone, consider this Gigaset C530A. It is a cordless phone with an answering machine. It comes with one or two additional handsets depending on your choice.

However, you can expand this system to a maximum of four handsets. Gigaset C530A has impressive features. It is among the best home and small business phones you can get.


There is a caller ID facility on this Gigaset C530A. It will speak the name of the person calling you.

You can intercommunicate between the additional handsets.

When the answering machine is recording a message from a caller, you can hear it. If you wish, you can pick up the call when the answering machine is still recording.

The base has a flashing light that flashes when there is an unread message on the phone. However, there is no audible notification for a left message except when the message first comes in.

Gigaset C530A has a phonebook with 150 contact entries. Transferring numbers from your old phone to this Gigaset is very simple. It is also very simple to share numbers between the additional Gigaset handsets.

Gigaset C530A Sound  

This Gigaset C530A has very clear sound. It is audible even for people with partial hearing loss.

There is a ‘do not disturb’ facility, where you set the phone to be silent at a particular time. For, example, you can set the phone to be silent the time you normally have your baby sleeping.Gigaset c530a

However, you can still select priority calls, which will still ring even when the phone is in ‘do not disturb’ mode.

Gigaset C530A has a headset jack that allows you to connect headsets on all handsets.

On this Gigaset phone, you have the option of setting specific ringtones for specific callers. There are 32 ringtones on this phone but they are all melodies.

You can set each handset to ring with a different melody. Setting handsets to silent mode is also individual. One handset can be on silent while another is at full volume.

Each of the handsets together with the base has a speakerphone.

Gigaset C530A Other Features

This phone has a very bright and clear 1.8-inch coloured screen. It is visible and easy to read for people who use eyeglasses.

The keys on this phone are a bit small and may be hard for old people to distinguish them.

When you hold this Gigaset C530A in your hand, it feels solid and has a sleek modern look. It is also lighter than most cordless phones.

The phone works when plugged in the electric socket, but also has rechargeable AAA batteries that will give you 14 hours talk time and 300 hours standby.

The plug is a UK plug and the cable is 180 cm.

If you want, you can mount this Gigaset on the wall.

You cannot send or receive text messages on this phone as it is a landline phone.


The manual is a bit long but setting up this Gigaset C530A is dead easy. When you buy this phone, you will realize just how it gives decent value for your money.

When you buy it on Amazon, you get a 24-month warranty. You can also return it in case it fails to satisfy your needs.