Gigaset C430A is a cordless phone perfect for use at home. Gigaset has a reputation for making excellent phones. Does this C430A maintain the standards?

In this review, you will learn the little details no one wants to mention about this Gigaset C430A.

What you must be sure of is this Gigaset cordless phone is not perfect. There are annoying little errors that you may just make you go for an alternative.

Enough said, let us jump in.

Gigaset C430A Calls

This Gigaset cordless phone will display the identity of your callers if you subscribe to your service provider for a small monthly fee. At the same time, your subscriber will enable you to block unwanted callers.

On this Gigaset C430A, there is an option to block calls but somehow it still rings even when you block a number. The manual explains how to block a number but it does not work.

If blocking calls is a must have facility for you, it is better you look for an alternative phone.

When you receive calls, you can forward them to any handset you want even when you are in the middle of the conversation.

Talking of forwarding calls, it is important to mention that this phone has intercom with an excellent range.

There is no worry about taking a handset with you out in the garden while the base is in the house. The range is good over 50 meters away.

However, note that the range also depends on the type of obstacles in the way.


Gigaset C430A has an answering machine. On this answering machine, you can use the pre-installed messages or record your own.

The answerphone can record up to 30 minutes of your caller’s message. And you can listen to the messages left on the phone from any of the handsets.

You can also listen to messages left on the answering machine remotely.

It takes about 10 seconds for the answerphone to pick up a call after the phone starts ringing. However, you can adjust this time to 18 seconds or 30 seconds depending on your need.

If you wish, you can also set the answerphone to pick up the calls immediately without the phone ringing.

A red light flashes to notify you when a caller leaves a message on the phone. However, the red light is very small and hard to notice.

There is no audible notification after the initial ring when the message first comes in.


On the phonebook of this Gigaset phone, you can save up to 200 names. When you enter contacts on one handset, they automatically appear on other handsets as well.

Transferring contacts from an old phone to this Gigaset may be a challenge but it is possible.

You can configure this phone with speed dials depending on your need.

Gigaset C430A Sound

Gigaset C430A has good sound quality even when it is on loudspeaker. But after several years of using it, you may notice some crackling sound, which is normal.

The crackly sounds do not interfere with your conversations.

The ring volume is low. Even when set to the highest level, you will barely hear this phone if there are other sounds in the house like television sound.

The ringtones on this Gigaset phone are annoying. There is no proper melody. When the phone rings, the ringtones scream out in a terrible way.

Gigaset C430A has a speakerphone. You can use this facility by pressing the green button after receiving a call.

Gigaset C430A Other Features

This phone has a 1.8-inch coloured screen. It is bright and easy to use.

Buttons on this phone are big and spacious, which makes them suitable for anyone with poor vision to use.

Gigaset C430A feels very light in the hand and has some flimsy parts. The build quality does not feel like a proper Gigaset phone.

Setting up the phone is easy. Using it is easy as well.

In case of a power outage, the backup batteries on this Gigaset will last for about 6 hours.

The additional handset compatible with Gigaset C430A is Gigaset C430H.

The power cable is 165 cm long, which is shorter compared to that of other phones.

The plug is a UK plug.

When the phone is resting in the charging cradle, it shows a clock. You choose whether to see an analogue clock or digital clock.

Sometimes during charging, the phone warms up.

If you wish, you can mount this phone on a wall

Gigaset C430A has a baby monitor facility.


This Gigaset C430A is a little bit below the standards of what you would expect from a Gigaset phone. Its sound and build quality are not impressive.

You can check out the Gigaset C530A Review to compare.

This C430A has a 24-month warranty when you buy it from trusted dealers. The warranty is good security to make you buy this phone. If it does not meet your expectations, you can always return it.