Examples of Excuses to Use When Leaving a Whatsapp Group

Exiting a boring Whatsapp group is simple but finding a good excuse is not easy. Every bit of you is asking you to move out of that group chat but your mind can’t get a solid excuse that will buy your freedom.

If you are in such a situation, it is important to take caution of every word you speak. Saying the wrong things may make leaving the group even harder. Also, you don’t want to ruin relationships when you leave a Whatsapp group. You may need these people some time later.

Before you think of an excuse to leave a Whatsapp group, learn how to leave a Whatsapp group in the right way. Once you know the steps you need to take if you want to leave a Whatsapp group, you can go ahead to formulate a good excuse to leave.

In most cases, the admins will allow you to go without asking for any explanations. But if the admin is a controlling person, they may ask for reasons upon reasons why you want to leave. In the end, they will want to hold you in the group to satisfy their ego.

Before You Look for an Excuse

Before you pick one of the excuses below to use, it is important to know that you do not need to give an excuse when leaving a Whatsapp group. When leaving a group, text the admin and tell them you want to leave.

If he asks you why you want to leave, say you are uncomfortable staying in the group. Unless the admin asks for clarification of why you are uncomfortable in the group, don’t give explanations. Remember, the more you explain the more you dig your own pit.

Examples of Excuses to Leave a Whatsapp Group

You: Hello [Admin]

Admin: Hello, how are you?

You: I am doing well. I want to leave [Whatsapp Group Name] because of personal reasons.

Admin: What personal reasons do you have?

You: I am uncomfortable being part of the group.

Admin: What makes you uncomfortable?

You: I don’t find time to read messages in the group, which makes me feel disconnected from the group.

Admin: Spare some time and read the messages so that you feel part of the group.

You: I really wish that was possible but unfortunately, it is not. Please let me leave. We can always talk anytime we need to.

Admin: Okay, all the best

You: Thank you

Example 2

You: Hi [Admin], I am asking for your permission to leave your Whatsapp group.

Admin: Hi, why do you want to leave the group?

You: I just feel my time in the group is up. It is hard to explain.

Admin: What exactly is wrong with the group?

You: There is nothing wrong with the group. It is just that I no longer feel part of the group. I know if feels sad to have me leave but I have to.

Admin: Okay, you can go.

You: Thank you

Important to Note

As you can see from the examples above, you don’t have to write an essay of explanations why you want to leave a whatsapp group chat. In fact, if the admin is mature, you won’t have to explain anything.

If the admin asks for an explanation, state what you are feeling. If you feel left out of the group say so, if you feel the group is taking too much of your time say it. Just make sure you don’t try to justify your feelings.

For example, if the admin asks you why you feel left out, don’t explain it. Instead, just say it is hard to explain as illustrated in example 2 above. If the admin is pressing you too hard, show empathy. Say you did not wish for this to happen. Let him know you understand some of his pain.

Handling Guilt

You may say everything right but the admin tries to pile guilt on you. He may accuse you of things you have done in the group such as posting too many links or using them when you wanted and now you want to dump them.

The golden rule in such a situation is do not defend yourself. Avoid saying anything concerning the accusations. See example 3 below.

Example 3

You: Hello [Admin]

Admin: Hello, how can I help you?

You: I want to leave [Name of the Whatsapp Group]

Admin: You have gained enough so you want to dump us?

You: That is not the case. I have personal reasons why I want to leave.

Admin: Tell me because you have always been quiet in the group. You have never done anything meaningful in the group.

You: I’m sorry for having been silent for long in the group. I want to leave because I barely find time to read messages sent in the group.

Admin: Just say you hate the group.

You: It is not about hatred. I only want to leave the group. I will still be talking to members of the group if there is need.

Calculate your Moves

The conversation to allow you leave a whatsapp group should not be too long. Keep it official, short and straight to the point. If the conversation is taking another angle, stop it. Stick to your lane. What you want is to leave the group.

Any other discussions can be done once you have agreement concerning leaving the group. In special cases, you may consider changing a few things so that you remain part of the group. The reason why you want to leave may be because of a problem that can be solved.

If the admin promises to work on the problem, feel free to stay in the group. Don’t be too  stiff with your decisions.

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You have a right to choose whether to be part of a group or not. You also have a right to choose whether to give an explanation for your decision to leave a group or not. It is polite to let the admin know why you want to leave.

If the problem can be solved, feel free to continue being part of the group. If you must go, let the admin release you. Remember to take care of the relationship with group members after you have left the group. You never know what the future holds.


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