DORO 8040 Review: The Best Smartphone for Seniors

Doro 8040 is a smartphone made with the elderly in mind. When you first look at it, it appears like a normal android smartphone but when you start using it, the difference is conspicuous. This Doro 8040 is easy to learn. The user interface has simple and straightforward icons that most elderly people can understand.

Apart from elderly people being able to understand what the icons on the screen mean, it is important for them to see and distinguish between different icons. The icons are big enough covering the entire screen. The font on this Doro 8040 can be adjusted to extra-large to help you see well if you have partial blindness.

Doro 8040 smartphone review

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With the 5-inch screen used on this smartphone, you can increase brightness to where it best suits you. I believe this maximum brightness setting is more than comfortable for any senior who has vision difficulties. For a person with normal vision, the comfort zone is less than half of the brightness. Pushing the brightness bar any further starts straining your eyes.

If you have trouble hearing people talk on the phone, buying this Doro 8040 is not a mistake. Certainly, it is not the loudest phone you can get but it is good enough. Even when the volume is set high, there are no major crackling sounds that affect voice clarity. I doubt even you will ever use the maximum volume. I can’t really go into numbers of the decibels the speakers produce because hearing is a relative issue. Just know the sound is good enough.

In case you are interested in knowing the specs of this Doro 8040, here is a quick table showing them.

Doro 8040 Specs

Screen 5-inch screen
Screen Resolution 480×854 pixels
Battery 2000 mAh
Internal Storage 8 GB
Android Version Android 7 Nougat
Camera 5 MP Rear Camera + 2 MP front Camera
Weight 142 grams
SD Card Yes, has a slot to boost storage up to 32 GB


From the table you can see the capacity is 2000mAh. However, the number is not important. What actually matters is how long this can go between full charge to empty. Of course the answer is it depends with how you use it; the brightness setting, the apps installed, how long you spend on calls etc Despite the answer being it depends, on average, you can go for a day without charging. If you really can’t come close to any electric socket in 24 hours, then you can consider buying a powerbank.

Charging this phone is simple. As I had mentioned earlier, this phone was made with seniors in mind. When you buy this Doro 8040, it comes with its own charging cradle. No senior will struggle trying to fit a charger in the USB port.


If you wish to protect your Doro 8040 with a case, you will have to buy a case separately. The case will make the phone a little bigger, which hinders it from fitting well in the charging cradle. Therefore, you will have to remove the case every time you want to charge the phone.


It is very likely that someone who buys this Doro 8040 cares little about taking photos. If you want HD photos, you know on which phones to get them. Unfortunately, Doro 8040 is not one of them. The cameras on this phone are good enough to take photos just for keeping memory. The rear camera is decent enough but not so the front camera. That is all I can report about cameras.

Before I conclude, here is a summary of the pros and cons of this Doro 8040.

Doro 8040 Pros

  • Volume and Power buttons are very easy to push
  • The phone has a dedicated camera button at the bottom right side to help users go directly to the camera.
  • Home Screen has three giant buttons to make calls, send text messages, and view pictures.
  • The phone has an emergency button at the back below the camera, which sends notifications to a specified number.
  • You get a charging cradle that is easy to use for charging your phone.
  • Icons are easy to read
  • The voice to text function works excellently.
  • The phone is loud for anyone with hearing problems
  • Navigation on this phone is easy

Doro 8040 Cons

  • The phone makes a lot of noise when you start it and the only way to remove that noise is by turning off all sounds completely.
  • Sometimes the phone loses internet connection when you reboot it.
  • You cannot save draft messages on this phone. If you are typing then you move away, you will have to start over typing again.
  • There is no popup to notify you of a new Whatsapp message. If you fail to hear the initial notification, you will have to check for messages manually.
  • Photos of people in your contacts randomly disappear from the home screen when you reboot.

Doro 8040 Price and Where to Buy

I cannot pinpoint the exact price of this Doro 8040. It is obvious that different sellers have their own specific prices. However, on the higher side, the price of a brand new Doro 8040 is about £250. If you get any offer below that, know that is your lucky day.

You can check and Buy it on Amazon UK here. 

If you want the Doro 8040 screen protector, stylus, charger or cover, you can buy them separately from a trusted Doro dealer. Check the link above for Amazon UK if you may want to buy from them.

I recommend you buy this Doro 8040 from Amazon. At least there is less risk buying on Amazon because of their reputation.

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  1. I have a Door 8040 since about 9 months.
    Impossible to telecharge an application since about 2 weeks. WhatsApp disappeared and can’t get it back.

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