Doro has a reputation for making excellent mobile phones for seniors and people with disabilities. Among their many products is the Doro 8030.

It is almost like many other Doro smartphones in terms of functionality. Read the following Doro 8030 review before buying it.

Doro 8030 Review: Specs

Screen 4.5 inch
Screen Resolution 854×480 pixels
Internal Storage 8 GB
Battery 2000 mAh
Processor Snapdragon 210
Camera 5 MP rear camera, 0.3 VGA front camera
Weight 142 grams
SIM Card Type Micro
Operating System Android 5.1 Lollipop
Connectivity 2G/3G/4G
Headphone Jack Yes, 3.5 mm
Radio Yes
Dimensions 137 mm height, 71 mm width, 10.1 mm thickness

Doro 8030 has a 4.5-inch screen, which is bright enough to enable anyone with vision problems to see well.

Having a 4.5-inch screen also makes Doro 8030 small enough to hold in your hand. Especially old people who do not have the grip of youths will find it very helpful.

The phone also has a plastic body to increase grip.

One thing you cannot doubt about the Doro 8030 is its durability. This phone is made for people with special needs and durability is a key consideration for this market.

This phone hardly cracks even when you drop it on a hard surface.

Doro 8030 Battery

You get a 2000 mAh battery that gives you 15 hours talk time and can standby for 25 days. I do not expect a phone for seniors to need frequent charging.

About charging, you get a charging cradle. Anyone with vision problems will easily charge this phone by dropping it in its charging cradle.

The battery is removable so you can change it when it becomes weak.


Doro 8030 Hearing and Vision Aid

Doro 8030 has excellent hearing aid functions. The phone is loud for people with partial deafness to hear.

The satellite navigation installed on this phone reads out directions for you. You also get popup instructions on screen to help you understand what each element means.

You can set the font to be large for ease of reading. The phone also has an in-built magnifier that you can put on the home screen for ease of access.

Three physical buttons light up at the bottom of the screen. They prevent accidental closing of tabs.

In normal smartphones, these buttons are sensitive to touch. Old people will definitely be touching them accidentally all the time.

Three big icons on the home screen for making calls, sending texts and viewing photos are helpful shortcuts for people with partial blindness.

You also get an emergency button at the back of the phone, which sends an emergency message to a specified number.

You can add photos to this phone from anywhere you are because it allows remote controlling.

Doro 8030 Case

You may want to buy a case for this phone to prevent quick damage.

However, you must buy a case that will not affect the functionality of the phone. Some cases make the phone too big for it to fit in its charging cradle.


If your grandparents are tired of push-button flip phones like Jethro SC729 and they want a smartphone, buy them the Doro 8030.

You can also check out the newer version Doro 8040, which runs Android 7.1 and has functionality improvements.

Make sure you buy this phone from trusted dealers. Do not be a victim of buying refurbished and used phones when you have ordered for a new one.