Doro 6520 is a flip phone suitable for elderly people, technophobes, and beginners. Hearing impaired people and the partially blind people will appreciate how this phone makes communication simple.

It is dead easy to set up and use. The main reason you should buy this phone is to make calls and send text messages.

However, it has many other impressive features you do not expect. We will outline every aspect of this brilliant Doro phone.

Doro 6520 Review: Specs

Screen 2.8 inches
Screen resolution 320×240 pixels, QVGA
Battery 800 mAh Li-ion, removable
Camera 2 MP
Internet Connection 2G/3G
Phonebook 500 contacts
Video recording Yes, 3GP
Weight 100g
Operating System Symbian
Sim Card Single Micro-SIM Card, 12×15 mm
Bluetooth Yes, version 2.1 + EDR
Memory Card Yes, Micro SD Card boost up to 32 GB
Hearing Aid Compatibility Rating T4/M4
Maximum Ring Volume 83 dB
Maximum Receiving Amplification 35 dB
Predictive Text Yes
Ringtones 22 sounds
Colour Rose Pink, Charcoal Grey

Other Features of Doro 6520 Phone


Alarm clock

My Doro Manager


Talking Keypad tones

Visual Ring indicator

Emergency button

Calendar with daily reminders

Backlit keypad

Weather function


Adjustable font

Doro 6520 Review

The Camera on Doro 6520 flip phone takes excellent photos. The photos not anywhere close to HD, but they are good for keeping memories.

Accessing the camera is very simple and using it is easy. Recorded videos are good enough although accessing the video recorder is a challenge.

Unfortunately, you cannot connect this phone to a computer to transfer your photos or videos.

On the phonebook, Doro 6520 lists the top ten contacts on top.

When there is an unread message, the phone flashes a green light. It also keeps ringing at set intervals until you read the message. This is a very clever feature especially for people who miss text messages.

Is Doro 6520 SIM Free?

Yes, Doro 6520 is sim free. It is unlocked for use anywhere in the world and works with any GSM network carrier. The LG B470 flip phone is also unlocked for worldwide use and it is a good alternative to this Doro 6520.

You can use it in Europe, India, the United States, and any other country but you must insert a micro SIM card for this phone to work.

The Doro 6520 has a slot for only one sim card.

Because of the small size of this phone, it is easy to keep it in the pocket. It fits even in the smallest pockets.

And because Doro 6520 is a flip phone, keys and coins in your pocket cannot scratch its screen.

Speakers on this phone are loud. People with partial deafness will hear conversations without straining.

Doro 6520 Other Observations

However, Doro has not specified how compatible the Doro 6520 is with hearing aids.

The screen on this phone is bright. It also has adjustments to help people with vision problems see well.

The font on this phone is huge; you do not need eyeglasses to read text messages. And you can still adjust the font to your preferred size.

People with big thumbs will appreciate how big and spacious buttons on this Doro 6520 are. The buttons are backlit for you to see even when you are in a dark room.

The buttons are sensitive too. You do not need to press them so hard.

And when you press the buttons, the phone reads out the button you pressed. You will never go wrong.

However, there is an option to switch off all these sounds.

Doro 6520 has internet access. You can send and receive emails.

However, it is not possible to do much online with this phone. The farthest you can go is reading online articles.

Loading speed is also not fast and that means you need to have patience.

Doro 6520 has vibration. If you prefer vibration to loud sounds, this phone will work perfectly for you.

Doro 6520 Battery

Doro 6520 has an 800 mAh battery, which drains fast. The newer version, Doro 6050 is much better in terms of battery life. Normally, flip phones should go for about 4 days without charging, but Doro 6520 needs charging almost daily. Part of the reason for that is this phone has 3G internet, a huge bright screen, and many other functions that use up the battery so fast.

You can improve battery life by turning off the internet, FM-Radio, lights, and other functions you do not use. Charging takes about 3 hours. The phone does not come with a charging cradle when you buy it from most dealers. You have to buy a charging cradle separately. However, the phone comes with a 13-amp charger and a USB cable that you can use to charge.

There is a red light notification on the phone to show when the phone is charging. You also get low battery notifications. Buying a spare battery might help with the problem of the battery running low.

Doro 6520 Problems

Despite being a fantastic flip phone, Doro 6520 has downsides you should know before buying it.

  • Doro 6520 has a very poor battery life compared to other phones like Jethro SC729. You have to charge it almost daily yet they claim it has 15 days standby and 8 hours talk time.
  • Setting up My Doro Manager is a nightmare. Sometimes the phone keeps saying ‘FAILED.’
  • Doro customer care service is poor. It takes a lot of effort to solve a simple problem.
  • It is hard to set a custom ringtone. You will end up using only the available ringtones.
  • Apart from the manual, it is hard to find information about Doro 6520. If you want to troubleshoot Doro 6520, you will have to contact the manufacturer.
  • Doro 6520 comes with neither a charging cradle nor a phone case. You have to buy them separately.
  • You do not get an MP3 player on this phone.
  • There is no Wi-Fi connection on this phone.


Despite having great features, this flip phone is not worth spending your money on. If you are experiencing some of the problems mentioned above, there is a very high chance things won’t get any better.

You can also try out the newer version, Doro 6530.

It is slightly more expensive than the 6520 but worth the cash.

Doro 6520 Price

The price of Doro 6520 varies from dealer to dealer. Some dealers have an additional kit, which makes the price to be high.

However, the best thing to do is to buy this phone from a trusted dealer who accepts returns in case the phone has problems.