Doro 6050 flip phoneDoro 6050 is a simple basic phone suitable for people who want a phone for texting and calling. In most cases, it is elderly people and children who use flip phones.

But if you are middle-aged and you are looking for your first phone or a backup phone, this Doro 6050 is one of the best phones you can find.

It is better than most other flip phones in terms of build quality. The outstanding feature about the build quality is the flipping hinges. They are solid.

There are great improvements on this Doro 6050 from the previous Doro 6520. The previous phone had terrible battery life, but this new one is much better.

Doro 6050 Features

Doro 6050 has two screens. A 2.8-inch screen on the inside and a small screen on the top. The small screen on top of this phone makes it look cool.

You can read the caller ID of an incoming call, battery information, time, and any text messages received on this top screen when the phone is closed.

The big screen on the inside is very bright. You can adjust brightness and contrast to your preferred level. And for the elderly people with poor vision, this screen is comfortable for most of them.

For anyone who struggles to read text on a screen, you can increase the font to your preferred size. Reading on-screen text should never be difficult on a flip phone.


There is a 3MP camera with a flash on this Doro flip phone. Anyway, what is a 3 MP camera in this era of triple camera phones?

However, this camera is not for taking professional pictures but it is good enough to take photos just for keeping memories.

The amazing feature you will enjoy is the ability to use the camera flash as a flashlight at night or in dark rooms. It is a small feature but very useful if you need urgent light.

Bluetooth connectivity on Doro 6050 allows you to connect your phone to wireless Bluetooth headphones or other phones and transfer files.

Alarm Clock

When it comes to the difficult matters of waking up, the alarm clock on this flip phone will help you. The big problem with this alarm clock is you cannot set multiple alarms at the same time.

You can only set the alarm to repeat unlike on smartphones where you can create unlimited alarms.

If you want reminders to take medication or something else, you can set multiple reminders on the calendar app of this phone.


The volume on this phone is loud just like normal smartphones. You can use the loudspeaker if you are hard of hearing by pressing the button above the red button during a call.

An emergency button at the back of this phone makes a distress call to a programmed number when you long press it or press it three times.

For radio lovers, there is an FM radio on this phone but you must connect earphones for it to work. Make sure you get good headphones if you will use the radio. The stock earphones are irritating.

Doro 6050 Battery

On this flip phone, you will have better battery life than on smartphones. The talk time according to Doro is 6 hours and standby time is 17 days!

However, this phone does not have a charging cradle. It only has a normal USB charger that you plug in. For elderly people who cannot plug the USB charger into the phone, they will have to buy an alternative phone.

Other Doro 6050 Information

Anyone who is hard of hearing will appreciate the fact that Doro 6050 is hearing aid compatible. However, this phone may not be suitable for people with severe hearing loss.

Doro 6050 flip phone gives you many ringtones to choose from and you can set specific ringtones for callers. You can use your songs saved on the phone as ringtones.

Unlike smartphones, you cannot install apps on this phone. You cannot use WhatsApp on this flip phone. If you want Whatsapp on a simple phone, check out the Doro 8040 smartphone for seniors.

doro 8040 review image

It may seem strange to some people that this flip phone has no internet connection and GPS tracking. But remember, this is a simple phone for making calls and sending texts.

Doro 6050 is unlocked for use in most countries outside the UK. As long as you have a GSM network provider and a micro sim card, this phone will work.


Many people have forgotten about flip phones, but they are still available. If you are a unique person who prefers flip phones to smartphones, this is your best choice.

It is a simple phone for texting and making calls and there is hardly any better option than this Doro 6050. The battery improvements over the Doro 6520 make this flip phone almost perfect.

It is light, very small, and simple to use. Buying this flip phone from trusted dealers will give you security in case it does not work for you. You can return it or use its warranty.