Disable these Apps on Your Smartphone Right Away

Every smartphone comes with apps that just waste your space. These are apps you may never use throughout the time you own that phone.

It would be fine not to bother about such apps but the fact that they use up your battery and space makes them a nuisance.

In reality, you need very few apps on your phone. You will be surprised just how many useless apps you have on your phone after reading this article.

However, before we jump into mentioning the unnecessary apps, let us look at reasons why you would want to disable these apps.

More Room

Apps use space on your phone. Having too many apps on your phone is a waste of space. Soon you may start getting warning messages that your internal storage is almost full.

These useless apps take up more space than you can imagine. As you keep using your phone, some of these apps update themselves and store up more data, which takes up even more of your space.

Disabling just a few of these apps will free up so much space for you. You can then use that space to store important things in your phone. If you don’t have a storage capacity issue, there are more reasons to disable useless apps.

Processing Speed

If you have many apps running, they will slow down your phone’s processing speed. Your phone may have a powerful processor but the overload of running apps takes a toll.

Some apps run in the background. If you have too many apps, chances are that some of them run even if you have not opened them.

This slows down your phone. If you have a weak processor, you will notice some apps delaying to open, the phone taking long to respond to touch and sometimes the phone goes blank.

By disabling unnecessary apps, you will cut down the load on the processor, which will make your phone load faster. Who doesn’t like good user experience from a fast loading smartphone?

Charging Menace

When you have many apps running, they use up battery power within a short time. Soon, you will have to keep charging your phone frequently.

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There are many reasons that cause your battery to die fast as stated in the related post above. Having many apps running is a contributing factor. Again, you may not necessarily be running all these apps but they run themselves in the background.

If you don’t want the stress of charging your phone after every few hours, start disabling apps you don’t need on your phone.

Annoying Junk

Have you ever wanted to open a certain app but you had to spend some time searching for it? If that is true, you have too many junk apps on your phone.

Finding apps on your phone should be easy work. Having too many apps tempts you to waste so much time on your phone.

You may only want to check time, but you end up opening several apps that take up a lot of your time. The little bits of time you waste every time you open your phone add up.

List of Apps to Disable on your Smartphone

Begin by disabling Google Apps that you don’t use. If you do use an app occasionally, disable it and only enable it when you want to use it. Here are some Google apps to consider disabling.

Google Playstore

By disabling Google Playstore, you won’t have to stress about other apps updating themselves. If you make a decision to disable apps, begin with Playstore.

Google Maps

How many times do you need Google maps for direction in a month? Just disable this junk app. It takes up so much space.

Google Calendar

When last did you use the Calendar app? Why do you even need it on your phone? The clock app will show you the date. Unless you set reminders on your calendar, disable this app right away.


Visit YouTube on your browser. Save space on your phone.

The second category of apps to disable is apps that you can access through the internet. Why should you waste space on your phone when you can do the exact thing on a website?

Unless the app has a significant advantage over using its website, disable it. Here are common apps in this category.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Shopping Apps

The third category of apps to disable is apps that claim to save your battery. Most of such apps do more harm than good. Get rid of them.

The last group of apps to delete is security apps. Smartphones are secure just by themselves. You don’t need any antivirus to secure your smartphone.


Freeing up your smartphone has great benefits. Don’t allow the pre-installed apps to clutter your phone. Disable most of them. If you can delete some of these apps, go ahead and delete them.

After all, you can always install them if you want. You will be surprised just how much space you can save on your phone by disabling apps.