How To Convince Your Parents To Buy You a Phone Today

Convincing your parents to give you anything is difficult especially if your parents are youthful. It makes you roam the internet looking for ways to convince your parents to buy you an iPhone.

However, this should be your last day wondering how to convince your parents.

After reading this article, I want you to be able to walk straight to your parents and get all you want from them. I will give you all the tactics to do that.

So, here are key things to do to convince your parents to buy you a phone.

1. Have a Valid Reason Why You Need a Phone

It all begins here. What is the primary reason you want that phone? Obviously, you will say communication.

But have you made it clear to your parents that you actually need to communicate using a phone? If you stay in the same house with your parents, how do you expect them to buy you a phone?

Therefore, find valid reasons that are beyond questioning to start with in your quest to convince your parents to buy you a phone.

2. Acknowledge the Disadvantages of Owning a Phone

The stupid thing you must never do when you want to convince your parents to buy you a phone is to deny the negative effects of cell phones.

Whatever your parents say about phones, just assume it is true. The best thing to do is actually to mention the negatives of mobile phones to them.

While seated with them say ‘I don’t like how my friends spend so much time looking at their phones’ or ‘Young people should learn how to use smartphones well.’

Such statements will make your parents trust that you know how to use a cell phone.

3. Show Your Parents What They Stand to Gain When They Buy You a Phone

Everybody is selfish. Even your parents have a sense of selfishness in them even if they deny it. They do not want to buy you a phone because they do not see any gain on their side.

Focus on showing your parents what they will gain by buying you a phone. Say ‘Mom, I want to be your best child. I wish I had a phone so that I call you whenever I feel insecure.’

Your mom wants to feel she is your mom. By promising to tell her your insecurities when she buys you a phone, you will motivate her to buy you a phone.

4. Be Realistic in Requesting Your Parents to Buy You a Phone

Ask for a phone you know your parents can afford without straining. People are so conscious of their money and so are your parents too.

Even if your parents have a lot of money, ask for an affordable phone. If the phone you want your parents to buy you is your first phone, ask for a simple phone.

You can ask them to buy you a simple flip phone like the Jethro SC729.

5. Be Persistent in Convincing Your Parents to Buy You a Phone

Some parents will intentionally delay buying you a phone just to know if you are serious about what you are asking for. Children have the habit of jumping from request to request.

Your parents will want to know if you have matured from the habit of asking for new toy mobile phones just for instant gratification or you really need a cell phone.

Stick with the same reason and ask for the same kind of cell phone you want frequently. Persistence wears resistance!

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I wish I knew your exact situation so that I tailor this article to perfectly suit you. This is a general guideline that should help most people who face this problem.

Some parents are understanding and easy to convince and sometimes kids are too convincing to their parents naturally.

Anyway, no matter who your parents are, you can convince them. Just remember that no prison is escape proof!