how to connect android phone to tv

How to Connect Your Android Phone to Your TV

While there are many reasons you will want to connect your android to your TV, one of the significant reasons is gaming. It is because gaming has become a pastime activity that people engage in when they are relaxing. With the right hardware, you will have a quality output of your Phone to your TV. Connectivity of the two devices gives you a good experience in the content that you want to be displayed on the screen, may it be a game, photos, or videos. Some of the ways of connecting your android phone to your device are:

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast Ultra is one of the most obvious and popular ways of connecting your android to your TV. It is mainly used for media streaming or displaying your Phone directly to your TV. Chromecast has a USB cable and an HDMI connector that links your phone to your TV. The USB cable is put in the USB port on the TV so that pairing is enabled.

To connects, you have to use the cast command in the pull-down quick setting menu in your Phone, or find it in your favorites apps and the device ready to be used.

Mirroring Your Screen with a Fire Stick

In this method, your Android device display is wirelessly mirrored using a fire stick and a voice remote. The process is similar to Chrome cast because, if you want to link the two devices together, you need to cast a command, and you will then be able to view your games, apps, or any other media streaming on your TV.

Using the miracast dongle way

Miracast is a wireless HDMI system that is usually inbuilt in many TV modems. It connects to your TV by connecting the Miracast dongle to port in your HDMI TV. If you have a TV that does not have miracast compatibility, do not worry because connectivity is still enabled by the media center or the Blu-ray player. All you need to do is allow wireless display in the settings menu options, and your content ray ready for viewing.


It is a recent technology that connects your Phone to your TV using a convertor. A converter converts the signals from the USB connector to the HDMI cable, so that your content is readily displayed on your TV screen. There are different types of cables that enable connectivity to your TV. There is the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) and the slim port device.

The MHL cable offers HD video and eight-channel surround sound. The device is available as a micro –USB and USB type –c. The Slim port device requires little power, and you can, therefore, connect it to your Phone without the TV draining your Phone.

In case you do not have an HDMI TV, a VGA-compatible slim port cable can serve the same purpose and have your content displayed on the screen.

Streaming Over Your Network with DLNA

Digital Living Network alliance offers connectivity of your Phone to TV since there are available devices from Blu-ray and TVs set to set-top boxes. The advantage of using the DLNA is that it is inbuilt in most devices and does not need any other external device. Consequently, it means that if you have installed the right app in your android, media streaming to your device is very easy.

HDMI Connector

An HDMI connector is used with older phones. Some older phones have USB ports and have some content that you would like to view; you will require a special HDMA cable that has a suitable connector on one end and a standard Type-A connector on the other end. The shortcoming of this method of connectivity is that the older soft wares do not allow you to make you enjoy the latest android versions.

Connecting Your Phone AS A Storage Device

It is not a standard method of connectivity since it does not allow media streaming. It only enables you to watch your stored videos that are on your android phone. The process just requires a USB cable and remote control to help you view the content that you want.