Clearsounds CSC500 is a phone made to help elderly people and handicapped. If any of your relatives or friends cannot hold a phone in his hand, this corded amplified phone will suit him.

Are you tired of repeating statements 2 to 3 times before your elderly parent hears you? And do your senior parents easily confuse buttons on a normal phone?

This Clearsounds CSC500 may just be your best choice. Being a corded phone, you are sure your elderly parent will not lose it like the amplified cordless phones.

Clearsounds CSC500 Review: Features

The phone’s receiver amplifies sound up to 40dB. 40 dB is loud enough for most hearing impaired people.

Clearsounds CSC500 has 8 photo memory keys to help elderly people with short memory to dial the correct numbers. You can program up to 32 digits into each button.

Programming these buttons is easy just as explained in the manual. The phone will not lose the programmed numbers when you switch it off or keep it off for a long time.

For seniors who cannot hold a phone in their hands, this amplified corded phone has a speakerphone they can use rather than its receiver.

You will only press the speakerphone button and speak without having to pick up the receiver.


The ringer is super loud. You will barely fail to hear it ring especially when set to its 85dB maximum. Clearsounds CSC500 also has a visual ringer that flashes when it rings.

However, you can lower the ringer volume to a bearable level and turn off the flashing ringer in case you do not need them.


Buttons on this corded amplified phone are really big and spacious. The first time you see them you automatically know they are made to help people with heavy fingers and poor vision.

This Clearsounds CSC500 feels solid and durable. Even when you drop it, it barely gets any damage. The manufacturer clearly knew the kind of abuse this phone may encounter.

You can mount this phone on the wall. It comes with the wall mounting kit. Mounting it on the wall is easy, but if you are afraid you may damage the phone, you can always get a neighbour to mount it for you.


One annoying thing about this phone is how easily the receiver falls from the phone. The place holding the receiver is so shallow.


The largest photos you can fit in the phone buttons are 15 mm×19 mm.

Clearsounds CSC500 is 9.25 wide, 7.25 inches tall, and 3.5 inches deep

What Clearsounds CSC500 Does Not Have.

There is no screen on this phone. This phone is for low vision people and it works easily for them without the need of a screen.

There is no caller ID on this phone.

You do not need internet access to use this phone. A landline connection is enough.

This amplified corded phone does not have an answering machine. However, you can buy the recommended answering machine to use with this phone.

You do not get a headphone jack on Clearsounds CSC500.

Clearsounds CSC500 does not have batteries nor does it need electricity to work. You only have to plug it to your service provider.

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