image of Clarity xlc 2 amplified cordless phoneClarity XLC 2+ is a cordless amplified phone that suits people with hearing and vision problems.

Clarity XLC 2+ is one of the best phones you can buy for an elderly person. There is a newer version called Clarity XLC 3.4+.

 Clarity XLC 2 Review

This phone works perfectly for anyone who uses hearing aids. Its ringer is loud. You can hear it even when you are outside the house.

There is a scroll button for adjusting volume and a separate boost button. You can also use the auto-boost function, which automatically boosts all calls.

Both the ringer and the base have lights, which light up when there is an incoming call. If you fail to hear it ringing, the light will draw your attention.

It performs better than conventional home phones.

You can adjust the tone of a caller when using this phone. The phone provides you with 3 tone settings to choose from.

If high-pitched sounds are difficult for you to hear, this phone will help you lower the frequency.

When you get a call, this phone reads the caller ID for you. It also reads the buttons you press.

If you do not need these functions you can mute them. Clarity XLC 2+ provides you with two language options for reading the caller ID. The languages are English and French.

The phonebook of this phone stores up to 50 contacts. This may seem too low, but remember this is a phone for old people whose many friends are dead!

Unless a senior has an extremely large family, this phonebook is good enough.

You get speed dials on this phone. You can program up to 24 digits with one and two touch buttons.

Programming speed dials is simple as outlined in the user guide.

Clarity XLC 2+ Battery

This phone uses 3 AAA NiMH batteries. With these batteries, you get 6 hours 30 minutes talk time and 5 days 10 hours standby time.

The manufacturer recommends charging the phone for 16 hours before you start using it.

There is a light that turns red when the phone is charging and green when the phone is in normal use.

When the battery is low, the phone beeps after every 15 seconds when it is in ‘off-hook’ mode. When in ‘on hook’ mode, the talk button blinks twice after every two seconds.

Other Observations

You can mute a conversation by pressing the mute button. If you want to speak to someone around you without the caller hearing you, this feature is important.

You can connect headsets to this device. They should be either 2.5mm or 3.5mm. The manufacturer recommends buying Plantronics headsets.

If you do not want noise, you can mute both the phone and the base.

This phone weighs 180 grams and is 7.4 inches long, 2.3 inches wide and 1.7 inches thick.

In the box, you will get 1 handset, a base, a belt clip, an AC adapter, a wall mount bracket, a user guide, and quick start guide.

Make sure to buy Clarity XLC 2 from trusted dealers. Avoid counterfeits!