Cell Phones in School: The Tough Debate Solved!

students using cell phones in class We live in an age where majority of students attending school have cell phones. Unlike the old days where only a handful of people had cell phones, today, almost every young person owns a phone. These cell phones are also better than what the old generation had.

Several years ago, people used phones primarily for sending and receiving messages. Phones today have hundreds of functions. A lot can be achieved using the cell phones that we have. Some make money using their phones, others pay bills, others use them as their primary tool for entertainment and so much more.

With the widespread use of mobile phones, schools have a hard time regulating the use of mobile phones. Some institutions consider having a cell phone in the classroom as an offence while others advocate for it. Who is right between the two? What side should you take in the cell phones in school debate?

Why Students Use Phones in School

Before you pick a side in this debate, it is important to understand why most students use phones in school. Many reasons make individual students to use cell phones in the classroom but there is one common reason that they all share.

In the past, books were the only source of knowledge. If you wanted to learn anything, you could only learn it by reading a book or by going to learn it from someone who does it already. Smartphones have made communication easy.

Now you can learn so much in your most preferred way on your phone. If you love reading, you can download books free of charge and read at your own pace. If you prefer learning through video, you can get free tutorials on YouTube. Podcasts are there for anyone who loves learning by listening.

The diverse options of learning using cell phones are enticing to many young people. The traditional way that schools teach is boring to some students. What do you think will stop those students from carrying cell phones to school?

Entertainment in Class

With traditional classes being boring for many students, the only way to help themselves is find entertaining things to do. Cell phones have plenty of entertainment to offer. Unlimited games, unlimited videos, social networks, and many more options are available for entertainment.

Every time a student finds his class boring, he takes out his phone to find something that him happy. Cell phones have become like drugs only that they are legal. If traditional classes in schools were entertaining, most students would put away their phones.

It is human nature to go for what brings more happiness. You do not expect a child to leave candy and pick an apple for health reasons. Most young people want something that fascinates them and entertains their young minds. Even if it is destructive to them, they do not care.

After all, young people don’t care about the future. For parents this is a nightmare. What can parents do to help these young people see the light?

Using Phones for Good and Evil

If an institution allows students to use cell phones in the classroom, the big challenge will be making sure that students are using phones for their good. Human nature has proven repeatedly that people prefer doing evil than good.

It is not strange to come across students watching porn or spending hours playing games rather than using their phones to do research. It seems better to ban cell phones in schools completely.

If students cannot control their urges to indulge in pleasure, then the best thing that schools can do is remove the opportunity to have that pleasure. As much as humans love pleasure, we must work for us to eat.

Indulging in pleasure has an end and it is often a bad end. However, a few of the students who have the privilege to use smartphones in the classroom do use their opportunity well. With smartphones, students can do better research than if they were to do it manually.

Cell phones also have essential tools like a calculator and a unit converter, which makes calculating numbers and metrics easy. Some people may argue that such ease makes students dull, which is true. But we live in a world where people crave for autonomy. We want everything to be as easy as it can get.

Are Cell Phones in School a Good Idea?

To put the whole debate to rest, it is time to answer the hardest question. Cell phones are good gadgets that make work easier. However, the human heart is dark and loves wickedness. Somehow, for everything that we have made, people have found out how to use the gadgets to do evil.

The inventor of guns may have intended them to protect good people, but eventually they end up as weapons to harm both good and evil people. Likewise, phones in school are intended to help students learn better but in the end, they will cause more harm than good.

Despite the sad reality, using phones in school is a good idea. It will have downsides but schools will be better if students can use cell phones to learn. Whatever the case is right now,  using phones in school will be a familiar phenomenon a few years to come. We often oppose change but it eventually happens.