CAT S60 is a rugged smartphone with military grade standards. You will only think of buying this phone if you work or stay in adverse conditions where normal phones cannot survive.

It best suits people working in industries, construction sites, mining sites, jungles, swamps, oceans, mountains and every harsh environment you may think of.

Forget about the durability of the Samsungs and iPhones. CAT is a Caterpillar company and they decided to make a phone!

There is very little difference between this CAT S60 and a caterpillar, to say the least! CAT S60 smartphone has the Caterpillar logo on its back.


Screen 4.7 inch
Screen Resolution 1280×720 pixels
Screen Protection Technology Gorilla Glass 4
Rear Camera 13 MP with FLIR
Front Camera 5 MP
Operating System Android
Android Version Marshmallow 6.0.1
Processor Qualcomm MSM 8952-3
SD Card Slot Yes, up to 128 GB
Battery 3800mAh non-removable
SIM card Single
Waterproof Yes, up to 5 meters deep for 60 minutes
Dust Proof Yes
Bluetooth Yes, version 4.1
Wi-Fi Yes
Network 2G/3G/4G
Audio Jack Yes, 3.5 mm
Fingerprint Scanner No
Face Recognition No
Temperature 55˚C maximum & -25˚C minimum

cat phones s60 review



The Qualcomm processor runs very smoothly even when you are using heavy apps. You will play games like Castle Clash and Sniper Strike without a glitch.

The 3 GB RAM enables you to run several apps simultaneously. The apps open fast and the phone does not hang.

Whatever app you have, throw at it and it will run it for you smoothly.


The screen of this CAT S60 is very bright. Its brightness rivals that of iPhone 7. Another concern with users of this type of phone is its display in direct sunlight.

Well, you will see most screen details clearly under direct sunlight. CAT knew most of the users will probably be under the hot sun while using this phone.

The screen is durable and responsive to touch. It responds perfectly to wet hands and even hands in gloves! Your rough hands won’t scare this caterpillar screen.

The stock screen protector is solid and takes abuse without showing any cracks or scratches. Forget about anything called a broken screen when you buy this CAT S60 smartphone.


The camera on this phone is good enough. Seriously, you should not expect Nikon DSLR camera standards on such a phone.

This camera equals that of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in terms of clarity and picture quality. Pretty impressive.

However, the main difference about this camera is the thermal imaging. The thermal imaging function works well though not very accurate with telling temperatures.

It will show a clear difference between hot and cold water, which is good enough to have fun with.

For those working in jungles, you can detect animals at night on this camera. Definitely, not the best but does the work.


The battery is 3800mAh, which is slightly above best performing high-end smartphones. However, this phone also consumes a lot of battery juice.

The super bright screen and thermal imaging camera alone will drain this battery within a day.

If you are using GPS, playing music, a little texting, playing games with medium screen brightness, the battery will last you for about 16 hours.

However, this phone comes with a 10000mAh power bank that will recharge this battery at least twice.

This means you can stay 3 days away from the socket and still have your CAT S60 phone on.

For people who use this phone for texting, calling and internet alone, you will averagely use 25% of its battery per day.

Charging is fast when you use the original charger.

The good thing with this phone is you can remove all unnecessary apps that consume your battery and remain only with the essential ones.


The sound quality of CAT S60 is top notch and the speakers are super loud. You will hear this phone ringing despite the noise from the construction machinery and any other distraction.

Listening to music is fun and you get this phone with rugged CAT earphones. The earpiece as you expected is clear and even people who are hard of hearing will have no problem hearing people.

This phone also has great vibration, which you barely miss to notice. It vibrates aggressively.


Unlike Samsungs, this CAT S60 allows you to remove unwanted stock apps and it does not bother you with many advertisements as well.

This phone is a little thicker and heavier than normal smartphones just as you would expect. You will need a good belt to keep your trousers from dropping.

There are solid physical buttons, which are comfortable to press in most conditions.

The signal strength on this phone seems better than on normal smartphones. Where other phones show no network coverage, this CAT S60 has coverage. This will be helpful for people who work in the middle of nowhere with very faint signal strength.

Using this phone is simple like most android phones though it will take you some time to learn the additional features like the distance measurement tool.

You can download any apps you want free of charge from the Google Playstore.

There is a bright flashlight on this phone. And the amazing thing about this flashlight is that you can switch it on even when the screen is locked. The flashlight does not go off accidentally either.

The air quality meter detects poison in the air and warns you. Funny enough, the air meter alarm will ring if you take this phone with you to the washroom!

The back side of this phone has rubber and the frame is made of aluminum.

The waterproof function works excellently. You can use this phone while it is raining without worrying about the phone spoiling.

CAT S60 is unlocked for international use. It will work with any GSM sim card whether you are in Brazil, Argentina, Europe, Canada, UK or Africa.

However, this phone does not work with CDMA carriers like Verizon and other networks that work from Verizon. AT&T and T-Mobile work perfectly.

CAT S60 Problems

The distance measurement app barely does the work it was made for. It is only good to play around with but you cannot rely on it for professional work.

This phone does not fit in most pockets because of its size. It may also feel uncomfortable to carry in your pocket.

You can accidentally press the side buttons when you hold the phone.

The charging port has a waterproof lid, which you have to open when charging the phone. If you fail to close the lid, the phone is not waterproof.

Having wireless charging on this CAT S60 will be great.

CAT S60 Price

These good features and impressive performance come at a cost. You will have to part with about $500 to get one of these CAT smartphones.

However, you will get a 34-month warranty on this phone. Whether this phone is worth its price or not, is up to you to decide.


This military-grade smartphone will surely impress most people by its durability. It has extra functions, which suit the kind of people it was made for.

There is a newer version, the CAT S61, which has a full HD screen and better cameras than this S60. However, the CAT S60 is cheaper by about $300.