Blocking Calls on a Panasonic Landline Phone

block unwanted calls on panasonic landline phonesWe all get unwanted calls sometimes. It is frustrating when you rush to pick up the phone only to realize it is a call from a robot. Telemarketers keep calling after every few minutes. Other times, the unwanted calls come from real people that we just don’t want to talk to.

There are people who are really boring and talking to them just makes you sick. These are the kind of people that never hear you when you tell them ‘no!’ They just keep calling. These are some of the things that make us utilize the block feature on our landline phones.

However, blocking a number on a landline phone is not very easy. Phones have many functions and even the gurus may fail to find the call block function. If that is your problem too, this articles is for you. But before I give you the steps to block a number on your Panasonic landline phone, here are a few things to note.

Different Phones

All landline phones are not the same when it comes to blocking calls. The feature to block calls varies depending on the Panasonic model that you are using. However, the difference is not that big. Maybe on your model, the wording is different. Or maybe there are a few additional settings etc

Also, note that the number of people that a landline phone can block depends on the model you are using. Some block only 30 numbers, others 50, and others go as far as 250 numbers. Unfortunately, some landline phones do not have the call block feature.

If your phone does not have a call block feature or you have run out of capacity, consider buying a device that blocks up to 16,000 phone numbers! That is how you will keep telemarketers away for many years.

Automatic Call Blocking

This is a world of automation. Everything is automated to the furthest level possible. Unfortunately, call blocking is not automated enough yet. You can set some phones to completely block all phone numbers that start with a specific area code.

If you want to block individual numbers, you have to enter them to the block list manually. It is hard to automate this process because your phone can’t tell if you know the caller or not. Some landline phones make this process easy by adding shortcuts to call blocking.

This means that you can block a call with a few clicks. Some landline phones allow you to block a number even when the caller is still talking on the phone.

Call Block First Ring

It is frustrating how some landline phones only block a call after the first ring. Even when you add the number to the block list, the phone still rings once when the caller dials before blocking him.

Many people have loved the Panasonic call blocker for landline phones because of such reasons. The call blocker eliminates all of the call blocking flaws in the landline phones. Some phones will ask you to choose if you want to block the number immediately a call comes in or after the first ring. Many people want a call to be blocked immediately. It is ridiculous that phone manufacturers ask this.

How to Block Calls on Panasonic Landline Phones

You can only block a number that you have ever received a call from. This means that you have to enter numbers into the block list manually as they call you. The number must also be saved on your phone for you to block it. Here is the procedure.

Step 1: Find the Number

If you received a call from the number, go to the call log and scroll down to the number. Once you get to the number, click select. Once you click select, another menu will appear. On that menu, click save.

Step 2: Save Number to Call Block List

Once you click save, the phone will ask you where you want to save the number to. Most phones have the phonebook option and the block list option. Select the block list option. Once you click to save the number on the block list, the phone will ask you for confirmation. Click Yes.

Lastly, click Save to save the number to the block list. Congratulations! You have successfully blocked the number. It is that simple.

How to Unblock a Number on a Panasonic Landline Phone

In case you want to unblock a number on your landline phone, here is the procedure.

Step 1: Click on the Menu Button

Step 2: Scroll down to the settings. Some phones call it initial Settings. Once you are on the settings menu, scroll further down until you find the call block option.

Step 3: Click the call block option. You will get a list of all the phone numbers that you have blocked. On the list, find the number you want to unblock.

Step 4: Once you get to the number you want to unblock, click erase. The phone will ask for a confirmation. Choose Yes then press select.

Congratulations! You have successfully unblocked the number. When you unblock the number, it means your phone will ring when the owner of that number calls you.

No Extra Charges

It is surprising that companies charge us if we want to block numbers. The cost is normally $5 per month. Landline phones come with the feature to block calls and there is no need for you to pay every month. However, if you prefer your mobile carrier to do the blocking for you at a fee, that is fine.

If you are afraid that your landline phone will run out of capacity, especially during an election year, pay a one-time fee when you buy a device that blocks up to 16,000 phone numbers! For the next many years, you won’t have to worry about telemarketers and unwanted calls.