The Best Phone for Hearing Impaired People in 2020

best phone for hearing impairedIf you are searching for the best phone for hearing impaired people, by now you must have discovered how hard it is. You have to read many reviews online and figure out which is genuine and which is biased.

Other times, there may be no sufficient information to help you find the best mobile phone for hearing impaired people.

And the frustration becomes worse when you buy a mobile phone meant for people who are hard of hearing only for you to realize it is just a normal phone with no sound amplification at all.

Sadly, you come across good amplified phones only after you have wasted your money on crap. That is the sad truth we have to face most of the time.

However, you can avoid all this pain by making the right decision when buying amplified phones. Here is a guide on the best amplified phone you can buy and have no regrets at all.

Best Mobile Phone for Hard of Hearing

The best phone for hearing impaired people at the moment is the Panasonic KX-TGM450S. There are many reasons that make this panasonic amplified phone the best phone for hard of hearing people. Read all the reasons below.

picture of panasonic kx-tgm450s

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This Panasonic is very common and many people have found it very helpful.  You can read its in-depth review here.

This Panasonic phone also features among the best cordless phones for seniors. It is that famous!

Reasons Why Panasonic KX TGM450S is the Best Phone for Hearing Impaired People

There are several factors that make this Panasonic amplified cordless phone to stand out. There are also close rivals that beat this Panasonic phone is specific features but overall this Panasonic wins.

Here are the reasons that make this Panasonic kx tgm450s the best.


Reviews do not lie. And I am not talking about random reviews, but reviews from people who have actually bought this phone.

Reviews from genuine people who are hard of hearing. Some are family members who bought this phone for their loved ones and they wrote reviews to testify of how the experience was. family love quotes

After having struggled to have effective communication for long with their grandparents, a family bought this phone.

The family had bought other amplified phones before but their elderly parents could not hear them.

In their review, they said buying this phone was one of the best decisions they have ever made. When they were almost giving up on buying a phone for their 90-year old parents, they had their breakthrough. 

From the reviews and ratings, it became clear this Panasonic is the best amplified cordless phone you can buy.


Panasonic kx tgm450s being a phone made for hard of hearing people, the main feature is definitely its sound.

The truth is this phone is super loud. You can barely imagine the difference this phone makes. You may never use its full volume because it is too loud.

a child covering her ears

It almost feels as if this phone gives a hearing impaired person new ears!

Really Impressive!

Seniors enjoy communication with their relatives because of this phone.


Yes, the price of this Panasonic kx tgm450s gives you a clue.

Unlike most amplified cordless phones, this Panasonic amplified cordless phone costs about $150 depending on the seller you are buying from.

Other amplified cordless phones are a bit cheaper. There must be a reason why this phone is a little more expensive than its rivals.

Sure enough, you will see why this phone is worth its price when you buy it. If you have used other amplified cordless phones before, you will see the difference for yourself.


Though the Brand of a phone may not be a big deal, in this case, it is. Panasonic is a company with vast experience in making electronics.

Their products have immense respect on the market. It is no surprise the best amplified cordless phone for the hearing impaired is one of their products.

Good work Panasonic!

Closest Rival for the Best Phone for Hearing Impaired Crown

This Panasonic phone is definitely the best cell phone for hard of hearing people, but it edges Clarity XLC 3.4 by a very small margin.

The big downside of clarity XLC 3.4 is how difficult it is to use. It has so many buttons and a very complicated menu.

However, it is slightly cheaper than this Panasonic kx tgm450s.

Read the full review of Clarity XLC 3.4 here.  

Clarity amplified phone image

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Where to Buy Panasonic KX-TGM450S        

Buy the Panasonic amplified cordless phone from trusted dealers or Amazon.

The advantage of buying from trusted dealers is you can return the product in case it does not satisfy your needs.

You will also avoid the risk of buying refurbished phones that are sold as brand new.

Surely, you will agree Panasonic KX-TGM450S is the best amplified phone after you buy it. Avoid regrets!