Growing old is natural. Your body becomes weaker and you lose the accuracy of your senses. Your bones no longer have the strength to keep you active and you have to take many breaks. It is a sign that your time on earth is ending.

However, elderly people still need to communicate. They have to use mobile phones. Smartphones are too complicated for these seniors and most of them prefer push button and landline phones.

Picking the right cordless phones for seniors is hard because of the many options available. You have to find a phone that suits a senior depending on their greatest need. Is it hearing, seeing, confusion or forgetfulness?

Here are 5 best cordless phones for seniors with respective problems they best address.

Phone for Hard of Hearing Seniors: Clarity XLC 3.4

Clarity has a reputation for making amplified cordless phones with a loud and clear sound. The Clarity XLC 3.4 is among the best sounding cordless phones you can buy for a senior.

It has a huge speaker that rings so loudly. When it is at full volume, you will hear the phone ringing from any room of your house.

The earpiece is clear without any crackling sound. An elderly person will definitely hear all callers clearly, even if they have severe hearing loss.

This phone is also recommended for hard of hearing seniors who use hearing aids. This Clarity XLC 3.4 is among the best phones for hearing impaired people.

Suitable for: Hard of Hearing Seniors

Panasonic KX-TGM450S

This Panasonic cordless phone has many features aimed at helping seniors communicate easily. It is very loud and clear.

But the most significant feature on this phone is how much you can alter the sound of callers.

A slow talk button on this phone slows down the speed of callers so that a senior may hear them well. You also have the ability to vary the tone of your callers.

If the tone is too high for an elderly person, they can lower it to their best hearing level.

Suitable for: Seniors with a problem hearing high-pitched voices and fast talkers.

Gigaset C530A

When people grow old, they lose clarity in their sight. Most of these cordless phones for seniors address this eyesight loss among seniors by using huge fonts on the screen.

However, sometimes the huge font alone is not sufficient. That is why Gigaset made the Gigaset C530A a cordless phone for seniors with a coloured screen. It is very clear and has huge readable font.

The screen has brightness settings that you can adjust to fit anyone with poor eyesight. Gigaset C530A also has a very sleek modern design unlike most other amplified cordless phones for elderly people.

Suitable for: Elderly people with poor vision

Cordless Phone for Seniors with Big Buttons: Clarity XLC 2+

One big problem elderly people struggle with is pressing the right buttons. Some of them do not remember the functions of each button and they can easily hang up a call when they want to receive it.

This Clarity made this XLC 2+ to address that specific issue. It has very large and spacious buttons. The buttons have a backlight that makes it easy to use the phone even in darkness.

However, the buttons are soft and may lose the writings on them after some time.

Suitable for: Seniors who want a big-buttoned cordless phone

Panasonic KX-TGM420W

Panasonic KX-TGM420W is suitable for elderly people who want visual notifications whenever they get a call or a message.

On this Panasonic cordless phone, there is a flashing light on the phone and the base. The red light flashes when someone is calling and when someone leaves a message on the phone.

This phone is also good for blocking telemarketers and other unwanted calls. You can block up to 250 contacts.

Suitable for: Seniors who want visual notification and call blocking features.


For any elderly person, these five cordless amplified phones are lifesavers. They address issues seniors struggle with when using mobile phones.

Many phones claim to solve communication problems for hard of hearing seniors but these five phones do an excellent job.

Some of them have their own downsides but that is a big deal to worry you. Just make sure you buy them from a trusted dealer that gives you a warranty.