amplified cordless phone imageAmplified cordless phones are phones made specifically for people who are hard of hearing. Have you ever thought of how partially deaf people communicate using a mobile phone?

These amplified cordless phones have amplified speakers, which are louder and clearer than normal phones. Our normal conversations range from 60dB to 70 dB.

Amplified phones push their speakers to produce about 50dB.

Apart from just being too loud, amplified phones also maintain the clarity of the sound. There is no point of having loud volume that people cannot hear.

These amplified cordless phones have settings to vary the tone of the voice while some vary the speed also.

Therefore, before you buy an amplified phone, know your greatest problem. Is it hearing fast talkers, sound clarity, hearing high pitched voices or you just need loud volume?

Here are some of the best amplified cordless phones and the main issues they address.

Panasonic KX-TGM450S

picture of panasonic kx-tgm450sThis kx-tgm450s is one of the best Panasonic amplified cordless phones you can buy. It is slightly more expensive than normal Panasonic cordless phones because it has added features to enhance sound clarity for hearing impaired people.

It has a message indicator light, slow talk button, huge fonts on a bright screen, and you can block up to 250 numbers.

The most important feature on this phone is the slow talk. When you receive a call, press the slow talk button and the phone will slow down the speed of the person talking.

Surprisingly, the conversation flows fluently that the person calling will hardly recognize you are slowing down the speech.

USE: Best for People with the problem of hearing fast talkers.

Clarity XLC 3.4

Clarity amplified phone imageWhen it comes to writing Clarity phone reviews, there is nothing to emphasize except its sound. Just as the name suggests, this Clarity XLC 3.4 has loud and very clear sound.

However, the phone itself is bulky and complicated to set up and use. It also comes without an answering machine.

It has tone variation, where you can alter high-pitched voices to your best hearing level.

Clarity XLC also has a back-up battery that keeps it working even when you experience a power outage.

USE: Best for People with severe hearing loss.

Panasonic KX-TGM420W

panasonic kx-tgm420w imageThis Panasonic amplified cordless phone has great features and costs less than the kx-tgm450s.

You will be better off if you buy this phone $50 less than the Panasonic KX-TGM450S and yet you only miss a few features.

The KX-TGM420W suppresses background noise during a call to let you hear the caller clearly. It also has the slow talk button and 6 tone settings. (3 more than the Clarity XLC 3.4)

It has a battery backup and a visual ringer. There are many amazing features on this Panasonic KX-TGM420W than you can imagine.

USE: Best for people who want to spend less but still get high-quality features of an amplified cordless phone.


There are many other amplified cordless phones but these three are best you may ever get. Be wise in choosing which one of the three best suits your needs.

While purchasing them, go to a trusted dealer and make sure you get a warranty. Do not let hearing problems stop you from talking to your loved ones.