Benefits of Having Two Cell Phones

Have you ever considered having two cell phones? One for your personal life and the other for your business? If you haven’t, this article will help you see the benefits of having two cell phones.

You don’t need to own two expensive phones. You can have a smartphone and a feature phone. Feature phones are good for personal use. Read more about the benefits of using a flip phone here.

Once you read the benefits of owning a flip phone, you will understand this article better. As much as the emphasis is on owning two phones, the preference is in having a keypad phone as your secondary phone.

Separate Affairs

Our lives revolve around smartphones nowadays. Emails, chats, photos and much more. It is easy to invest so much of your life in your phone. The day you lose your smartphone or spoil it, your life literally breaks down.

Having two phones can help you separate your affairs in such a way that if one of your phones spoils, the other can rescue you. Remember the old proverb, ‘do not put all your eggs in one basket?’

Separate Phone for Business

Most businesses today involve the use of mobile phones. Whether it is to place orders, negotiate a deal, send details of a product or offer customer care services.

This means the phone you use for business will be busy most of the time. If you use the same phone for your personal life, it is just a matter of time until things mix up.

You may pick up a call from a strange number thinking it is a business call only to realize it is from a friend you never wanted to talk to.

Having a separate cell phone for business also helps you define business hours. If your business closes at 8pm, simply switch off your phone at 8pm. How can you claim to be off business hours yet your phone still rings when clients call?

If you don’t have a separate phone for your business, you will struggle with managing time in your business. You can easily get distracted in your business hours with a call from your personal life.

Having a Separate Cell Phone for your Personal Life

When you have a cell phone specifically for your personal life, you will easily set good boundaries in your relationships. It will be easy for you to know which calls to receive and which ones to ignore.

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You can also set specific time where you can answer personal calls and when you cannot. With such clear boundaries, it will be easy to handle your personal life and corporate life. You don’t want a case where your boss calls you and you don’t pick up your phone because he used a new number.

The next time you meet him, it becomes a case against you as you try to explain why you don’t pick calls from unknown people. Let your personal phone be specifically for personal relationships.

Less Risk of Losing your Phone

One big advantage of having two phones is the low risk of losing your phone. If you frequently lose your phone, buying another phone may help you solve the problem.

Once you have two phones each for a specific purpose, plan how to manage them to avoid losing them. For example, you can keep your business phone in the office all the time to avoid the risk of losing it while commuting home.

Likewise, your personal phone can stay at home to avoid losing it. If you misplace one of your phones, you will only experience partial loss rather than your whole life crumbling down.


Owning two mobile phones will not necessarily revolutionize your life but when done properly, prepare for massive benefits. The benefits are majorly in having an orderly life. If you are a super busy person, having tow cell phones will surely be of great help.