a child convincing her parents to buy her a phoneHave you suffered for long trying to get your parents to buy you a smartphone? In most of the articles written on how to convince your parents to buy you a phone, the authors advocate for you to be ‘nice’ to your parents. It may get you what you want but if it has not, it is time to try out something new.

Personally, I believe that is not how a child should behave to get a phone from her parents. Being nice is just a softer word for being manipulative. If you want to convince your parents to buy you a phone in the right manner, just do the right thing. But before I tell you what is the ‘right thing’, here are factors you have to consider.


Depending on your age, there is a different approach to this matter. If you are 18 old years and above, you are not a child. In your case, have a talk with your parents and let them know what you want. In your conversation, let them know that you are a grown up and that you will take full responsibility of the consequences of having a phone. You can go ahead to agree on terms to work with.

Previous Relations

How is your relationship with the parent whom you are asking for a phone from? If you have a poor relationship where you never get a yes from her, then it is wise to first work on the relationship before asking for a phone.

Working out the relationship is majorly telling your parent exactly how you feel. If your parent not buying you a phone makes you feel sad, tell her exactly that. Because she loves you, it will concern her. Before asking for a phone, at least make sure you can talk to her freely about most things.

Bad Parents

No parent ever wants to be bad. Every parent wants the best for their children. Unfortunately, most parents in an attempt to be good parents to their children, they end up being bad. Naturally, parents provide for their children. It is also their responsibility to take care of their children.

The big problem that happens is most parents struggle to know when to grant what their children are asking for and when to deny them. You find some parents denying almost everything that a child asks for while others grant the requests of their children too much. Both of these cases are wrong.

If the cause of your situation is having a bad parent, the best solution is to find another way of buying a phone without asking for it from your parent. It may be to ask another relative to buy it for you.

Right Thing To Do To Get Your Parents To Buy You A Phone

As far as I know, there is one solution that is a sure way to get a phone. It may not the most preferred way for most people but it works. The challenge with this solution is that it takes time. If everything else about convincing your parents to buy you a phone has failed, this is the sure way to go. The solution is fighting for freedom.

Why Freedom Will Get you a Phone if Your Parents Can’t

Right now you are under the care of your parent. They choose what you can get and what you can’t get. If you get freedom, which by the way should come naturally, you will be able to get your phone.

By saying ‘getting’ freedom, it is not necessarily moving out to stay on your own. I mean you can ask your parent for a phone and if she says no, you can tell her to let you figure out another way you can get the phone. Just make sure you have a condition that she will let you use the phone if you manage to get one.

From there, it is up to you to decide what you will do to buy yourself a phone. The easy options may be to ask adults who are close to you to support you buy a phone. You can ask them to give you a few dollars each.

You can also do some casual jobs to get a few dollars. Wash dad’s car, wash dishes for your big sister etc In all these tasks you do, make sure your parents are aware. Even if they don’t agree, just tell them and go ahead. That is how you fight for your freedom.

If all Fails…

No one wants to admit it, but the fact is sometimes every plan fails. When all the plans fail, accept it. Accommodate the failure and move on with life. Allow yourself to be angry and cry if you want to then move on.

If your parents say you are too young to have a phone, ask them at what age will they buy you a phone. Once they do, be patient and wait for that time. The relationship with your parent is more important than you having a phone. Look for alternative thing to do to help you enjoy your childhood as you wait for your adulthood. It is sad but that is how it is.