Avoid Social Media if you are this Type of Person

Social Media is good but not for everyone. To some people, using social media is a disaster. Unfortunately, most people never check to see if they are fit to use social media or not.

Do you see people who insist that social media is bad? Those people were never supposed to use social media in the first place. But in their ignorance, they tried using it and it was a horrible experience for them.

Now they walk around trying to baptize everyone into their belief system when in real sense, it is only a good belief for them.

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You may be one of those people who are not suitable to use social media. It will be good if you do what is right for you; avoid social media. For a certain group of people, social media is perfect for them.

Know your position regarding social media use and embrace it. The following is a list of people who should completely avoid using social media.

Seniors in their 70s

Social media is made for young minds, teens and people in their 20s. Social media is like partying. It is a stage of life.

For people in their late 60s and above, social media is a no-go zone. The content on the media is disturbing to such elderly people. It is hard for them to tap into this new age.

The best they can do is accept that their time is over and let their grandchildren take the stage. Most content on social media is acceptable to the youth but detestable to elderly people.

The content itself is not necessarily bad, but since it is unfamiliar to seniors, they hate it. A senior who uses social media is just looking for trouble.

Apart from the content on social media, there is the war of words that goes on. Elderly people do not have the vigor to engage in such battles. Let the teens do their thing.

Seniors should not feel left out in this social media revolution. A day is coming when the teens of today will be old and there will be new inventions that they will wish to partake of but it will be too late.

Highly Intelligent People (Over thinkers)

The second group of people that should avoid social media is people who have high IQs. Intelligence is good but don’t bring it to social media.

On social media, majority of people want to have fun. They really don’t care about principles of life and ancient theories.

If a thinker uses social media, he will have to endure the ‘foolishness’ on social media. Majority of people don’t invest in thinking, which is fine.

It is stressful if you analyze what people are saying all the time. In the end, the content on social media will wear out a thinker’s mind and may even lead him into depression.

Social media content is to be taken lightly. If a thinker has a problem with that then let him avoid using social media.

People with Low Self-Esteem

People with low self-esteem have no place on social media. If someone who sees himself as of low value uses social media, he will become worse.

Social media is like a battlefield. If you go into battle when you are already injured, you will surely die. The irony is that most low self-esteem people go to social media to find their worth.

These are the people who count likes and compare their lives with others. In the end, their esteem issues become worse and some end up in depression.

If you frequently feel unworthy, avoid social media. Don’t seek validation from social media unless you want to fall into depression.

The Super Rich

Most rich people know that social media is their enemy. The problem with a rich person using social media is that he will arouse jealousy in his followers. In worst-case scenario, someone may plot to kill him.

Human beings are envious. By being rich, you have declared yourself an enemy to the poor. If you show yourself on social media, you will only make matters worse.

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Social media is not a place for you to post your success. The only success you can post on social media is that which most of your followers have.

In short, people on social media want you to be like them or worse than them. If you show yourself to be doing better than them, you will stir their envy and who knows what they can do?


Social media is a battlefield. If you are in any of the above groups of people, avoid social media as much as you can. For the rest of the people, social media is for you. Just be careful with it and remember to take things lightly.