Are Flip Phones Still Available Today?

Everyone who lived through the early 2000s knows how flip phones were the real deal. From the high and mighty of that time to the nobodies, everyone wanted to own a flip phone. The notable flip phone of the time was the Motorola Razor.

The Moto Razr flip phone is considered the best flip phone ever. The claims are not empty. Today, the Motorola Razor flip phone and most other flip phones are no longer in production.

We all understand that smartphones took over the mobile phone industry and put everything that ever existed in its shadow. The push button phones and flip phones disappeared for good. Is there any chance of finding a flip phone today?

Availability of Flip Phones

Despite the decline in production of flip phones, you can still find flip phones today. Somehow, few flip phones have survived in this era of smartphones. Most of them still have the old technology but some of them have adopted the ‘smartness’ of smartphones.

It takes work for you to find a flip phone today but you can be sure you will find one if you search for it. Dig a little deeper into the shadows of smartphones and you will discover several flip phones still available.

Leading the survival of flip phones is the Samsung Galaxy Folder 2. Samsung released the Folder 2 in July of 2017. This Samsung flip phone runs android 6 marshmallow, has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage.

Such features are familiar in smartphones, which makes it a surprise to find them on a flip phone. The folder 2 has an 8 MP camera and a Snapdragon processor. It is a low-end smartphone fitted in the shell of a flip phone.

The unfortunate thing is you will be lucky if you find the Samsung Folder 2 in a shop. You may find a used one on eBay but finding a brand new one is hard. Check out if this Amazon seller still sells the Samsung Galaxy folder 2.

Alternative Flip Phone

If you cannot find the Samsung Galaxy folder 2, Doro 7060 is a good alternative. The 7060 is cheaper than the Samsung flip phone but has almost the same functionality. You get 4G connectivity, Whatsapp, and Wi-Fi connection.

The Doro 7060 runs KaiOS, which is an operating system similar to Android but made specifically for feature phones. You can buy a Doro 7060 from this seller.

Other Flip Phones

If you want to buy ordinary flip phones that have the old technology, there are several options. A visit to Amazon or any other online store will show you the available flip phones. Most of the flip phones are cheap. They cost less than $100 while some are as cheap as $30.

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For How Long Will Flip Phones Be Available?

Flip phones will be around until lovers of flip phones are dead. Currently, most flip phone users are elderly people. Smartphones are hard to learn for most of them and that why they buy flip phones.

Flip phones may not have buyers if seniors are dead. Companies manufacturing flip phones may decide to stop production. Smartphones cannot kill flip phones. Smartphone users are young people who may have never used flip phones in their lives.

Probability of a Flip Phones Comeback

In future, flip phones may return with the latest technology but still maintain their flipping concept. The reason for this speculation is based on Motorola’s move to reintroduce the Motorola Razor flip phone but this time with a touch screen.

With most smartphone companies trying to come up with folding screens, it will be no surprise to see flip phones coming back. Of course, the flip phones will only be flip phones in shape but everything else will be different.

If you are hoping for the old flip phones to become popular again, forget it. It is hard for humanity to go backwards. We evolve going forward. It is hard to imagine that someone can switch from the current smartphones to a yellow-screened Nokia 1110 that has no internet access.

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Flip phones will be available as long as there is demand for them. The demand is reducing everyday but no one knows when it will disappear completely. If you are hoping to buy yourself a flip phone today, you can.

In the end, everything will return to where it came from. Today is the turn of flip phones and tomorrow smartphones will follow.