durability of chinese phonesChinese phones are taking over the world like a flood. The question lingering in my mind is, are these Chinese smartphones durable? Are they worth my money? In my previous article, 6 reasons why Chinese smartphones are cheap, I mentioned that I have used several models of Chinese smartphones. The four models are Huawei, Tecno, Infinix, and InnJoo. My friends have also had these Chinese phones. In this article, I will share what I experienced with the durability of Chinese phones that I have owned.


How durable should a smartphone screen be? How long should it last for it to be considered durable? Regardless of all that, I confidently say Chinese phones have durable screens. Out of the four Chinese smartphones I have owned, none of them had serious screen complications at least for the first six months.

Several of the phones I owned cracked their screen but I was just careless. The cracks and scratches did not affect the touch sensitivity except on the Huawei Y530 which was my first phone way back in 2014. Screen technology was not so good at that time. Also, consider that was a low-end smartphone.

Most of the Chinese smartphones I have owned had a plastic screen. The advantage of a plastic screen is it hardly breaks when you drop your phone but the disadvantage is it scratches very easily. In my opinion, cheap Chinese smartphones have a better screen than other smartphones at the same price.

In 2014 when I had my Huawei Y530, my brother had a Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus. He dropped it once from a stool and the whole screen cracked. My Huawei had a more durable screen than the Samsung.

I believe the more expensive Chinese smartphones also have durable screens and hopefully better than other smartphones in the same price range.


None of the cameras on the Chinese phones I owned ever failed. They worked perfectly until when I changed phones. The quality of the cameras was average, which is normal for a low-end smartphone. One concern I had with the front camera of the Huawei was its flash. The flash barely made any difference. Photos were still dark and the light from the flash was too weak.

Other additional camera features like HDR and Panoramic modes were working but they gave very poor results. Some Camera settings like contrast barely made any difference on the InnJoo Fire 2. Partly I will say the technology at that time was not advanced and the phone I was using was a low-end smartphone.

The current Tecno that I am using has a good camera. I even use the selfie camera to record YouTube videos! For a phone that costs less than $100, this is impressive. I have been using this Tecno for 6 months now.


The sound of the Chinese phones I had was loud. I never struggled to hear my phone ring. Listening to music was fun. It surpassed my expectations. The only negative I remember about the speakers was the poor sound quality. Speakers were loud but at high volumes, the speakers were screaming. They had an irritating sharp sound. If you are setting the volume of the ringtones, make sure to avoid the highest volume.

Closely related to sound is the vibration. To say the truth, vibration in most Chinese phones is poor. The phones vibrate well but their low build quality means they produce rattling noises during vibration. For high-end Chinese smartphones, their vibration is as good as on other foreign models.


Most Chinese phones have plastic bodies. The recent trend of metallic smartphone bodies and even glass are yet to become popular among Chinese smartphones. The low-end cheap smartphones just use the basic material.

The plastic is durable on most smartphones. However, a few of them crack very easily when you drop them. Of the Chinese phones I have owned, only one had a metallic body. The rest that had plastics still lasted for long without major breakages. In fact, the phone I am currently using is a Chinese phone with a plastic body. It has worked perfectly for seven months now.

The logo at the back is scratched off and the body is showing clear scratches but that doesn’t bother me much.


The software is where most Chinese phones get it wrong. Most of them have some of their software written in Chinese. Since most people do not know the Chinese language, it is hard to operate such phones. The software in these phones is clearly copied. Some phones have promising features but cannot deliver what they promise.

On my InnJoo phone, the front camera had really poor quality The photos looked grainy. The phone had camera settings that promised to make it look better but they did not make it any better. Just looking at how the phone runs clearly shows it is not original.

However, a few Chinese companies do well in making their software. It runs smoothly and looks original.


Chinese phones are durable and reliable only that buying them is a huge risk. If you want a cheap smartphone that is great to use, buy a Chinese phone but if you want to buy an expensive phone, avoid Chinese phones. Trust only Huawei and other high-end Chinese phones but the rest that have funny names, avoid them.