Parenting is tough. Often parents try to figure out what age should their child get a cell phone. Sometimes they feel it is too early and sometimes they think they are delaying their kids.

It is a hard decision for parents to make. A little error and your child is on her way to destruction.

So, how do you decide the perfect age to get your child a cell phone? The truth is there are uncountable variables you have to consider before knowing when to buy your kid a phone.

The good news is you only need to consider the major reasons and they are few. Very few indeed!

Is It a Need

Does your child need a phone or want a phone? You should only buy your child a phone when they need one.

If you can remember a time you wanted to talk to your kid but she was not around, that is enough reason to buy your kid a phone. If your child stays away from you more than half a day, he needs to have a phone.

If you are living in a big house, your child needs a phone at least in his bedroom. A phone in your child’s room will enable them talk to you in case of danger.

Do you want a child to knock your bedroom door at midnight because they want you to tell them where their milk is? Get them a phone so that they call you straight from their room.

Recognize Wants  

Often, your kid will ask you to buy them a cell phone. Never buy your kid a phone because they asked for it.


As a parent, you must be the one to decide when your child gets a phone. However, your child may be genuine in requesting you to buy them a mobile phone.

Therefore, whenever a child asks you to buy them a phone, ignore them. If they ask again, keep ignoring for a while.

If they are persistent, that is an indication they are genuine about their request and they are not acting on impulse. Go ahead and buy your child a phone.

Type of Cell Phone

The fear of many parents is the danger of exposing their children to the world too early. Talk of porn, social media dirt, bloody pictures, and much cruelty on the internet.

However, there are phones designed specifically for kids. Actually, there is a phone for kids that does not have a screen. Yes! A phone without a screen!

There are phones designed for kids as young as 3 years old. Such phones for kids have no harmful effects on your children.

A push-button phone like Nokia 1110 has only calls, texts, alarm clock and a simple game. If you want your child to have a phone but not access the internet, you can get this phone.

Age to get Your Child a Phone.  

Buy your child a mobile phone when there is need for you to talk to them but you are not always close to them. As long as your child can operate a phone, it is a good age to buy them one.

However, do not buy your kid a normal smartphone until they are at least 13 years old. In other words, let them access the internet and social media only after they are above 13 years old.

Most websites on the internet and advertisements have a 13 years age limit.


You can buy your child a toy mobile phone to have fun with if they do not need a real phone. Some iPhone toys look so real and are fun to listen to.


There are many innovations to help you communicate with your child without the danger of exposing them to harmful effects of mobile phones. Take advantage and have fun with your kids while they are still kids.