A Device that Blocks 16,000 Robocalls on Landline Phones

The number of robocalls and telemarketers keeps increasing each day. Keeping them at bay is hard. Within a short time, the block list memory of your landline is full. But the robocalls keep coming.

Sometimes buying a better phone than has a big storage capacity for blocking calls solves the problem. But the solution is often short-lived. The best landline phones block a maximum of 250 numbers. Most of them go up to just about 100 numbers.

With unwanted calls in thousands, your landline stands no chance. In desperation, someone decided to receive the unknown calls and ask them not to call her again. Unfortunately for her, most unknown calls have no human at the other end.

A robot doesn’t care how you feel or what you want. It just does what it is programmed to do. She then switched into calling some unknown numbers asking them to block her on their side. The result was almost similar to the first one. Most calls didn’t go through.

With all the frustration, she asked her service provider to block the unknown calls for her. The service provider was willing to block the numbers but she was asked to pay $120 per year. It was a slap in the face but it was the only viable option. So she took it.

Shortly after paying the yearly subscription, she came across a device she calls ‘God-send.’ It is exactly what she was looking for and it does ‘a miracle.’ Immediately, she bought it and wrote a review of the device.

If you have a problem of containing the annoying robocalls, telemarketers, unknown calls and unwanted calls, this device might be your best bet ever. Read its review below.

Panasonic Call Blocker for Landline Phones Review

Well, the first thing everyone wants to know on a call blocker is how many calls can it actually block? This Panasonic call blocker blocks up to 16,000 numbers! When you buy this robocall blocker, you only get 2000 slots because 14,000 telemarketer numbers are already pre-installed.

Chances are most of the telemarketers who annoy you are already blocked among the 14,000 slots. The only time a number of a robocall will miss on the list of the pre-programed 14,000 numbers is if the robocall is new. The common ones are taken care of.

Secondly, people want to know how to actually block a call using the robocall blocker for landline phones. On the landline phones, blocking unwanted calls is a bit technical. It requires guidance most of the time.

On this Panasonic call blocker, blocking a number is very easy. Just press the big red button on the device when you receive an unwanted call. The device will end the call and automatically add the number to the block list. It is that simple. You will never receive a call from that number ever again.

How do I setup the call blocker

To set up the call blocker, simply unplug the line cord from the phone and plug it into the landline call blocker. Then plug the cord from the landline call blocker into your main handset. That’s it!

Immediately you get this call blocker, add the numbers of people in your contact list to the white list of this blocker. By doing that, you remove the risk of blocking people you really want to talk to. The whitelist can hold up to 100 contacts.

This panasonic robocall blocker has two flash lights. If someone from your whitelist calls you, the green LED will flick. If an unknown person calls, the red LED light will flick. If that is not enough, you can utilize the announce caller ID function.

This device will call out the name of the caller in either Spanish or English according to your settings. No more wasting time running to check who is calling. This is a common feature in many landline phones nowadays though.

Will this device really Work?

As far as call blocking is concerned, this device will work. However, some of the specifics may not work for everyone. For example, you cannot block specific area codes so that all phone numbers that begin with that area code are automatically blocked. In addition, you cannot block numbers that are using wildcards.

Another thing that may annoy you is that you cannot delete the 14,000 pre-programmed numbers in case you want more space. Once you hit the 2000 limit, that’s it. Panasonic said this device can block up to 16,000 numbers but you only have space for blocking 2,000 numbers.

 Is this device worth buying?

Buying this blocker is best if you have run out of blocking space on your landline phone and you don’t want to pay a subscription fee to your service provider to block calls for you.

To most people, buying this blocking device is economical. It costs slightly less than $100 while paying a subscription to block unwanted calls costs about $5 per month. Over time, you save more money if you buy this device.

The good news is that this Panasonic blocking device works with so many landline phones without any issues. Compatibility is not a big deal as long as you can plug this device into your home system. It works with both corded and cordless landline phones.

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