5 Good Phones for Hard Hearing

best phone for hearing impairedApart from normal phones, there are phones made specifically for the hard of hearing. These hard of hearing phones are not so different from normal phones, but they have tweaks that make them suit hearing-impaired people.

You can find these phones in many places and they come in different shapes and with different functionalities. If you want smartphones, flip phones, cordless phones or even corded amplified phones, you will get them.

Here is a collection of five phones that serve different purposes aimed at hard of hearing people. These phones serve perfectly as phones for seniors with hearing problems.

Doro 8040

doro 8040 review image

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This is a smartphone for hard of hearing. It may just be the best and easiest smartphone for the elderly and partially deaf people to use.

Unlike normal android phones and iPhones, this Doro 8040 has a customized user interface. The user interface is very easy to use. However, you can still use an android interface if you want.

Doro 8040 is loud and clear though it will only be suitable for people with low and moderate hearing loss.

USE: It is best for hard of hearing people who want a smartphone.

Panasonic KX-TGM450S

panasonic kx-tgm450s

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Panasonic have a reputation of making great electronics. It is no surprise their product was listed as the best phone for the hard of hearing in 2018 & 2019.

KX-TGM450S is a cordless amplified phone and one of the best Panasonic has ever made.

You will get special features like slowing down the speech of a fast-talking caller. The speakers on this Panasonic phone are very loud. Both the base of the phone and the handset have loudspeakers.

One downside about this phone is it is bulky than normal phones.

USE: It is best for people who have a problem hearing fast talkers on phone.

Clarity XLC 3.4

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Clarity is another company known for making great phones for hard of hearing people. The outstanding feature you will immediately notice on this Clarity XLC 3.4, is its sound quality.

This definitely has to be the phone with the loudest and clearest sound. It is so clear and loud!

This explains why its name is clarity. Anyone who is hard of hearing will have no problem hearing callers on this phone.

One problem with this phone is how complicated it is. The menus and buttons are too many and confusing.

You may even miss using some features on this phone simply because you do not know how to access them.

USE: This phone is best for people with severe hearing loss.

Doro 6520

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Doro 6520 is a flip phone. The era of flip phones has passed but this Doro flip phone is still outstanding.

It has a loudspeaker that amplifies sound when you receive a call. However, there is no big difference in sound to normal phones.

The main reason why someone who is hard of hearing will want to buy this phone is because of its size. Being a flip phone, it is very light and small to carry around.

Elderly people will also enjoy using this phone as it comes with a charging cradle and has spacious buttons.

The downside of this flip phone is its battery. Unlike other flip phones, this Doro flip phone barely holds charge for a full day.

USE: This phone is best for hard of hearing people who want a small and light phone.  

Panasonic KX-TGM420W

panasonic phone for hard of hearingThis Panasonic phone is almost identical to the Panasonic kx-tgm450s mentioned above. It is slightly cheaper but has almost every function you get on the other Panasonic phone.

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However, the function you will appreciate most on this KX-TGM420W is the tone setting. Unlike normal phones, you can lower or raise the tone of the person talking to you.

In most cases, high-pitched tones are hard to hear. You have up to 6 tone settings to choose from. Pick your best and enjoy your conversation.

USE: This phone is best for hard of hearing people who do not hear high-pitched callers.


Finding a good phone for anyone who is hard of hearing is hard. However, if you know exactly what you are looking for, you will easily get a great phone.

Remember to buy any of these phones from trusted dealers and insist on getting a warranty.

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