Recently, I was thinking about the time when I had a flip phone. I wanted to compare my life then and my life after I started using smartphones. The findings surprised me. That is why I compiled this long list of the benefits of using a flip phone. I feel I need to buy a flip phone even if I already have a smartphone to use it as my secondary phone. Here are the advantages I found of using a flip phone as my day to day phone.

Flip Phones are Light

I’m sure you already know that flip phones are lighter than smartphones. I once bought a huge smartphone, Infinix note 2, and it was hard to carry it around. Whenever I put it in my pockets, I would feel it pulling my pants down. I had to tighten my belt just to be sure my pants won’t come off.

Not all smartphones are that heavy but when I remember the times I had a flip phone, the case was different. Some days I would touch my pocket just to confirm if I still had my flip phone. That phone was very light and sometimes I didn’t feel it in my pocket so I thought someone had snatched it.

The average weight of smartphones is about 175 grams. iPhone X weighs 174 grams, Huawei P30 pro weighs 192 grams and Samsung S10 weighs 157 grams. When you average these three flagship phones, you get 174.33 grams. On the other hand, flip phones have an average weight of 105 grams. Doro 6030 weighs 94 grams, Jitterbug flip phone weighs 133 grams, and Samsung D780 flip weighs 87 grams. The average weight of these three flip phones is 104.67 grams.

Flip phones are light and easy to carry in your pocket. You feel very comfortable having them.

Flip Phones are Small

When you open up a flip phone, it is as tall as most smartphones. However, flip phones are narrower than smartphones. When you close the flip cover, the length is cut down by half, which makes the phone really small. It becomes thicker than a smartphone but very short. In your hand, it feels like you are holding a small ball.

The advantage of the small size is you can fit it in any pocket. If you carry your phone in a bag, you can keep it in the smallest of pockets. When I had a flip phone, I don’t remember any time I had a problem fitting it in a pocket. But with my smartphone, it is almost a daily concern. That is why I am thinking of getting a flip phone again.

Flip Phones are Cheap

Flip phones are cheap both to buy and maintain compared to smartphones. An average flip phone costs about $60. Can you think of a good smartphone at the same price? Although smartphones have more functions than a flip phone, I still can’t justify their pricing.

When a flip phone spoils, mostly at the hinge because of wear and tear, you need just about $10 to repair it. However, for a smartphone, a simple failure like a spoilt charging port can cost you $30 or more depending on the brand of the phone.

Many times people lose their phones to thugs and thieves. For a flip phone user, you only lose a few dollars but for a smartphone owner, that will be a loss in hundreds of dollars. Going to buy a flip phone is less mentally challenging because it is a cheap product.

Flip Phones are Durable

Nowadays, smartphones are more durable than when they first came into the market. Gorilla glass technology has made smartphone screens very hard and almost impossible to break. However, such durable smartphones are very expensive compared to a durable flip phone. The average smartphones are not so durable.

In my experience, I operated with a flip phone for about 2 years but the longest time I lived with a smartphone was 11 months. A flip phone will fall a hundred times but all you need is to wipe off the dust. The only part that breaks first is the outer plastic cover. Their light weigh also means they don’t get much damage when they drop.

With a flip phone, you can never talk of a broken screen. It is very rare to see a flip phone with a broken screen. They are very durable. I see many parents buying their kids flip phones and one major reason is flip phones are durable. Despite the careless nature of children, a flip phone will serve them for years.

Long Battery Life

Flip phones have very small batteries, barely 1000 mAh. Most smartphones have a battery capacity of about 2500 mAh. Despite the small battery capacity of flip phones, they hold charge for a very long time. Their small screen and few apps mean that they use very little power to run. For example, Doro 6050 flip phone has a standby time of 17 days! You will need to charge this phone like only three times in a month! Of course, when you use it, the battery will not last for 17 days.

The talk time on the phone is 6 hours. But this shows you how much battery life flip phones pack. You can rely on them for a very long time. Another cool thing about flip phones is charging takes a short time. The batteries in flip phones are small so they get fully charged fast.

Good Privacy

Privacy is a huge concern in the current world. People can track you and access your data easily on your smartphone. Almost every app asks for your email before you can use them. But with flip phones, most of your information remains with you. Most flip phones don’t have internet access, which means no Gmail, no social media, no location information, etc

Flip phones offer good privacy and that is why people who care most about their privacy use flip phones. Many billionaires and celebrities use flip phones just to keep their privacy. In movies, you may have seen some characters who have some information to hide using flip phones.

Flip phones are much better at keeping your data private than smartphones. This is a big advantage that flip phones have over smartphones.

No Virus Infections

Smartphones and laptops often suffer malware attacks. Every time you download something from the internet, there is a risk it contains some virus. But with flip phones, you will never get malware attacks. As I had mentioned before, most flip phones have no internet access and one of the biggest malware sources is the internet.

Also, because most flip phones cannot connect to laptops, they will hardly get infected by viruses from the laptop. Think of a flip phone as a small island in the ocean, most of the pollution from the mainland never reach it.

In case you don’t know the dangers of malware, one big concern is malware can access your data and send it to whoever created the virus. If you have private data like your bank account pin, they may access it and sweep your account.

No Internet Dangers

The internet offers both good and evil. When you use a flip phone, you miss the good of the internet but at the same time, you remain safe from the evil of the internet. Here is how a flip phone will save you from the internet’s deadly side.


It is hard to watch porn on a flip phone. You can’t access porn sites from a flip phone and even if you use a flip phone with internet access to access porn sites, the screen of a flip phone is not good for that purpose.

If you struggle with porn and you want to break the habit, a getting a flip phone is a step closer to your redemption.


When you have a flip phone, the only advertisements that will bother you are calls from telemarketers and text messages. But you will be safe from the thousands of pop up ads that are all over the internet. If you hate ads, switching to a flip phone will give you relief.

The apps on your flip phone do not have ads that annoy you every time you use the phone. The ever-present Google search bar is also absent on a flip phone. Oh! How sweet to have a flip phone.

Spam Mails

How many times do you go to your Gmail account to delete unwanted emails? Email marketing is booming and everyone is switching to it. Having a Gmail app on your phone only makes matters worse. Every now and then, you get a notification of an email but it is someone trying to sell you something.

When you have a flip phone, almost every notification you get is an important message from someone you know. Very few spammers spend their time calling or sending text messages. Also, it is hard for spammers to get your phone number unless your service provider gives them.

Social Media Depression

The crisis of social media depression came shortly after the spread of internet access. People only show their sweet side of life, which sends all other people into a competition to be better. When they fail, they give up in life.

On a flip phone where you have no access to social media, you will miss the fun but you will keep your peace. Flip phones lock out the lies on social media for your good.

Ease of Use

Flip phones have few functions and therefore they are easy to operate. Unlike smartphones that have many icons on the screen and hundreds of settings, flip phones have only the basic functions. The ease of use in flip phones is most beneficial for seniors and children. Also, if you don’t like the complexity of smartphones, flip phones will be good for you.

Take an example of receiving a call, on most smartphones, you have to swipe an icon to a specific side. For a flip phone, you only have to open the phone. It is both a cool way of receiving a call and an easy way to answer calls.

The menu is clear and straightforward on flip phones. If you want to navigate to any place, you have tangible keys to help you. You don’t have to worry about touch sensitivity. It is hard to misdial anything on a flip phone compared to a smartphone. Flip phones are easy to use and very friendly to people of all ages.

Setting up a new flip phone requires very little effort. Most of them will be ready for use immediately you insert a GSM sim card and set the time.

No Text Overload

A common characteristic of smartphones is the huge number of unread messages. You get hundreds of messages daily from groups, friends, co-workers, and family. At the end of the day, you waste a lot of time sampling the messages to find relevant ones. But on a flip phone, the case is different. Almost every message you receive is intended for you and it is an important message you need to know.

When I had my flip phone, I was getting an average of 2 messages per day unless I was chatting with a friend. On my smartphone today, I have over 700 hundred unread messages and I cannot tell how many messages I receive every day. All I know is I get tons of messages daily.

I miss the days of hearing only two notifications from my phone the whole day.

Kids Nuisance

Every time I meet kids, they ask me if I have games on my phone. Some are clever, they will ask for your unlock pattern and go looking for games on the phone. But this disturbance only began after I bought a smartphone. With my old flip phones, kids would only look at it and walk away. It had a Tetris game but kids wanted racing or fighting games. Even if I left my flip phone with the kids, they would soon bring it to me and head out to play.

If kids have been disturbing you asking for videos to watch or games to play, a flip phone does the easy work of turning them off. No disturbance at all. Also, I never had worries about them accessing private places on my phone or deleting something important.

Flipping Fun

The last benefit I found with flip phones is how fun it is to flip the phone. It makes you look cooler and feel good. I always craved for calls so that I get an opportunity to flip the phone. To end a call was also a flipping game. There is just something sweet about flipping a phone.


These are the twelve benefits I miss since I dumped my flip phone and switched to a smartphone. I know flip phones have disadvantages but I feel it is worth having a flip phone. I know it will be a good secondary phone especially when I go for a vacation and I need some time alone.